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  1. Jordan says:

    Just happened to me this morning. :(

  2. Aaron Paetz says:

    HAHHAHAHAhhahahahahhhhh… . . … HAAHHAHAHAHahhahaaha…..HAHAHAAHAHhhhahahaha!

  3. tokka says:

    LMAO , i’m such a perv -.-

  4. you are all such pervs! you should all be ashamed :(

  5. Haha!! …I cant wait to see more!!

  6. cheesybacon22 says:

    OK this is my favorite, havnt laughed this hard since dumb and dumber.

  7. Ricky says:


  8. DHaynes says:

    Yes!! This is funny. Love the subtle photoshop glow around the faux-boner.

  9. rach ranger says:

    dudes, my mama got a real kick outta this one. i think she’s addicted now.