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  1. Tar says:

    Well, that’s the big plus!

  2. kujo says:

    Looks like someone had been screwing around with their next door neighbor, Mr. Al Gebra…

  3. TheLastMachine says:

    I wonder what crossed your mind when you wrote this joke

  4. Tar says:

    Haha! The gags in the comments sure have a ‘positive’ effect on my mood! :D

    And nope, not this type op gag: http://bit.ly/Y2cOTU

  5. Bill Murphy says:

    Shame she wasn’t negative. The birth would have been a lot easier. ;)

  6. It is one VERY accurate test!

  7. Potato says:

    On the -plus- side…no umbilical cord it seems…

  8. Sareen says:

    I wonder what her husband’s reaction would be…”Who have you been running around with?!”

  9. Christine says:

    A wonderful addition to the family!

  10. Slwolfe97 says:

    Explain to me on how she was not divided.

  11. NoveltyFishHead says:

    This kid will grow up to be a positive person.

  12. Farhaan says:

    Congratulations it’s a sign!

  13. Stickmakerman says:

    Why are they are so negative about it?