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  1. Bill Murphy says:

    I always wondered what went on at those urinals…
    I’m a stall man myself! :D

  2. Doofus says:

    Because hell, if I go to the length of preparing this prank Imma do it *right in front of the fucking urinal* and fuck it if anybody walks in on me.

  3. Saeed says:

    He should have never picked the urinal next to the occupied one. Either hit the stall or wait.

  4. TheLastMachine says:

    xD good prank for april fools.
    Random but am I the only one here who can’t pee in public?

  5. 2910 says:

    biting on the tongue while jerking off?
    ur a psycho!

  6. Slenderbunny says:

    Being a lady, I have no idea if this is true or not.

    So I’m gonna say….Yes, probably.

  7. GuessWho says:

    “You might want to get your feet tested”