Hey guys, we just wanted to congratulate Jerm one more time! He got his artwork and book in good condition, however his reputation is forever stained for having won a ToonHole contest. Turns out he’s a young cartoonist himself, so hopefully he’ll be rich and successful with a television show of his own someday and he’ll hire us as his janitorial staff.


In case anybody missed it, the contest was HERE. Would you guys like to see more contest type stuff like this?

Hope you guys enjoy the season! We got a lot of exciting stuff coming up in 2014! Stick around a while!

The TH Gang

Hey guys! Our pal over at SPACE AVALANCHE put up his first animated effort. He put a gun to toonholechris‘s head to do sound design for him.

Don’t forget to check out SPACE AVALANCHE‘s comics over at their site too.

The Gang