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Limited Edition Seasonal Summer Trouser Growth

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Are you looking to treat yourself this season?  Toonhole proudly presents this 1949 batch from a truly seminal year.

The first thing you’ll notice is the rich fluffy head followed with a hint of nuttiness. Tantalize your taste buds with its smooth strawberry blonde finish.  Known for its signature throat tickling texture, this seasonal is one your friends and family won’t quickly forget.

Offering a low carb snack that warmly tickles the palette, and enchants your olifactory senses with its subtle salty aroma, this treat harkens back to those summers with your grandmother.

Crave a bitter splash of richer flavors?  Throw in your own spices to personalize to your own tastes!  Pencil garnish is included!

Excellent for weddings, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs!

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Good grooming takes time.  Limited one order per season.