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  1. Bane says:

    When Gotham is ashes – You´ll have my permission to DANCE

  2. Farhaan says:

    Dress code: human penis! :D

  3. Chase says:

    This is just how the Toonhole team takes a break.

  4. anon says:

    right then…

  5. Murasume says:

    wait….where’s the second players screen~
    I only see one dial of arrows~
    but two control pads~
    this is actually the future in my point of view~
    we as humans became neanderthals~
    that only drive on playing video games~

  6. Bill Murphy says:

    I believe this is the deleted scene from that movie… :P

  7. SillyWalks says:

    2001: A Funk Odyssey

  8. AlecDawesome says:

    Some great art in this comic, nice job Mike.

  9. Tar says:

    I wonder where he got that 25 cents from…

    Actually… no, I dont wanna know :P

  10. Anthony says:

    Perfect!! (cheap computerized Nintendo voice)